1. The organization of the World Championship Blitz draughts 2023 has been allotted by

the FMJD to the Israeli Draughts Federation.

2. General schedule >>>

3. Participants.

   Tournament is open for each player1 who accepts

   these rules&regulations.

4. Accommodation >>>

5. Tournament Director

     Alexander Gantman

     Email: sasha412@gmail.com

     Mobile (WhatsApp): +972-54-4859606

6. Official titles:

    World Champion Blitz

7. System of competitions:

   1. Qualifications, followed by play-offs with the game rate:5’ + 3”

   2. Qualifications – round-robin (preferable) or Swiss depend on

       number of participants (subject of Chief referee decision)

   3. Play-offs with top 16:

i. each match consist of 2 games (colour of first game by drawing)

       ii. in case of draw (2:2) – 2 games 3’ + 2”

      iii. if still a draw (4:4) – superblitz.

          Time control 2’ + 2” (increment for first 6 games, delay from

          game #7 (bonus time is not cumulative) for unlimited

          number of games to the first win.

8. Application(notification) by national federations to CTD

    (see p.5) with a copy to FMJD office – office@fmjd.org

    with a deadline April 15th

9. Competition fee

Competition fee is 50€. Youth players (below 20) pays 50% of fee.

   Competition fee should be paid to FMJD via on-line system


  (or via bank transfer (details: http://fmjd.org/fmjd.html ).

   Deadline for bank transfers – April 15h.

   Competition fee in cash is 70€ (instead of 50€)

10. Prize money is € 3 000 (net of any tax) will be divided as follow:

         1st place                                          900 €

         2nd place                                        600 €

         3rd place                                          500 €

         4th place                                          400 €

         5th – 8th places (quarterfinalists)    150 €

11. Any protest to Jury d’Appel should be given in written form

  (in English) to the main referee not later than 5 minutes after the

 game. Each protest is valid only after paying a deposit of 100 euro.

  The deposit will be returned only if a protest will be accepted.

12. Free Accommodation

   One player from each federation will be hosted for free by the

   IDF in the official hotel (5* Hotel Plaza 2 HaHermon Street,

   Nof HaGalil).

   This is 3 hotel nights: 14/15, 15/16, 16/17 HB

    (with breakfast     and supper).

   Federation must very clearly declare in the application which

    player is delegated for this place.

13. Paid accommodation

      1. Accommodation for any other participants/delegates at the

          same hotel costs 100$ per person per day

          (HB room+breakfast+supper).

          Any details – please contact TD (p.5).

      2. Players are free to choose any other hotel!

14. Full responsibility regarding prize money, invoices and any

    other financial obligations belongs to Israeli Draughts Federation.

15. All rules concerning rapid games – duties of players/referees

      described in FMJD annexes are valid.

16. In the case of something not being clear in the FMJD

      regulations or in this regulation, the decision will be made by      the main referee in consultation with the organization and FMJD.